Friday, February 02, 2007

Damm it !! Another blogger wants to write his list of five

Okay, i have been tagged by Razan so it seems that the deal is to write five things you don’t know about me, sweet!, but because I am fond of philosophy generally and philosophy of the mind and logic especially, I can not help it not to point out the logical fallacy in this tag, five things you don’t know about me , but the truth is that you actually don’t know me , so this tag may should be named “five things I would like you to know about me” ;)

Having been brought up in a non conventional structured family, I don’t believe in family ties, there are people who I like and people who I don’t,as simple as that. I have difficulties establishing long term relationships, maybe part of the reason is that I lived in four different countries in the last five years, this taught me not to be attached to people, meet them experiencing a humanistic whatever experience with them, for one hour, a month, a year then I leave without saying goodbye, quietly, without strong emotions or feelings. I dislike effort people make in exchanging e-mails and phone numbers as part of the goodbye process, even if they had met for just a day, we are not going to use them anyway, so why to bother?

Robert Doisneau - Le Baiser de l'Hotel de Ville, Paris, 1950

My favorite book of all times is Paulo Coelho’s the Alchemist, if you have not read it yet, stop reading this meaningless post and rush to the nearest bookstore, it is the I-Ching of the modern times. My favorite movie is the Godfather I ; no mortal creature can create such a thing. And my favorite motorcycle, the one that I will hopefully buy next year when I get my first paycheck, is Kawasaki Ninja. I like house/underground music and there is no room to list the Djs I like, but my favorite ones for the moment are Franz and Shape , they are great and I think they will be the next big thing in the underground music industry.

Kawasaki Ninja

Despite the fact that I am highly interested in the Christian philosophy, I can’t say that I am a believer. I am interested in the religion as a system of believes rather than faith and daily practices. I have got my “own” understanding of religions in general and the Christian religion in special, I am fond of the Liberation Theology school , which explores the relationship between Christian, , theology and political activism, particularly in areas of social justice, poverty and human rights.

Kandinsky, Wassily Kandinsky

I like Beer, who does not?, seriously I have been for almost 2 years and half now without having anything else (umm well except for wine), I can have up to 4 litters of beer on a good night out or on a discussion on some of Freud theories, this is the same amount of human’s blood, so I think what I have in my veins is beer not hemoglobin. Last year I did a “Beer trip” to Belgium, those people are the kings of beer, they never serve two different types of beer in similar cups, each type of beer has got its own cup, sounds like philosophy, is not? And for curious people my favorite ones are Duvel, Leffe bruin and Kwak

What I want to do in the future? very simple, I like Psychiatry but I think that it has been done in a wrong way (a lot of useless dispute between neurosciences and psychoanalysis), so having trained in both of them, I am going to USA next year, to start my psychiatry training, and to show them how it should be practiced ;). (Actually in medical terms this sounds like full blown mania patient, ya3ni majnoun bil3rabi ;)

The thinker, Rodin

Actually I thought that this post was going to be much more difficult to write, I think I am able to go on and write another 5 things, but I will stop here for the moment.


P.S: thanks Razan for the tag, writing is not one of my favorite hobbies and I need a motivation to do it :)

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