Monday, July 31, 2006

The new Middle East

"what we're seeing here, in a sense, is the growing -- the birth pangs of a new Middle East."
This is how condelizza rice describes the carnage happening in Lebanon ...

Qana Massacre part 2 and the whole World watching

To all my dear friends in the Netherlands and Spain who asked me the one million dollar question “why Arabs do suicide attacks against Israel and USA?”
Here I give you THE answer .
for more coverage read NYtimes article .


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Syrian Bloggers: Today, we are all Lebanese...

Lebanon has been sentenced to death. On Wednesday 12 July, she was put in prison, and now she's being tortured.
Israel's war is with Lebanon's civilians, not Hizbollah. Nearly every person killed has been a civilian. Power stations, bridges and petrol stations have been targeted. Israel has warned residents to get out of certain villages, but bombed roads to make it difficult - and refugee convoys have been picked out for deadly air raids.
And getting out of the country is impossible now too. The airport has been destroyed, the sea ports are blockaded, and the border posts and highways have been razed to the ground.
Lebanon is held hostage to the angry Israeli war machine. And now more than ever, Syrians bloggers, just like every Syrian stand by her.
Another generation of Lebanese will know nothing but war. We can't let this happen, Again.