Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Blogs, Books, and Shanklish

Blogs are going to be printed in books which, I bet, will be available online afterwards, is not the media world wired?

Pamphleteer press , An American publishing group, is starting a new project, following the huge success and the world wide spread of a disease called bloging, they decided to publish books where they collect some of what blogers had to say on a specific topic. Naturally they should choose some controversial issues so lot of materials can be found. They have published five books till now; can you guess the title of three of them? I bet you can, out of five there are three about Hizbollah and the Lebanese-Israeli conflict. The editor of these three books is Michael Totten who writes in Middle East journal blog . It will be interesting to see the type and the quality of the posts collected in these books and how much they do cover the wide spectrum of ideas available on the web. The fourth book is about Jewish cuisine. So since they are willing to indulge into Culinary stuff, I can not think about anything better than Abu fares’ Shanklish post to publish it in a separate book, the passionate carefully explained process of making Shanklish does demonstrate that this is not about making these fermented yogurt balls, this is about the concept of Shanklish and what memories and feelings does unleash (well besides the unleash of onions’ odor, bad joke Andre ), screen the amazing 52 comments this post received and you will see that it is not about Shanklish per se, it is about home, nostalgia, family memories and much more!!
Well done Abu fares

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