Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Charbel Khalil's new show on Swat el Ghad, moush kalil!!

Chabel khalil, known for his Basmat Watan programme on LBC, is having a new show on Sawt el Ghad Moush Kalil ma3 Charbel Khalil . It is series of daily short monologues taking on politics and social issues. Let me tell you, they are hilarious. Here you have a couple of them,
Kama Takounoun Tasoukoun, El Taleta El Aswad, Kif keno ou kif saro, Tayyar Saad ebn aamteh, Koumat Al Tebwiss.

The whole archive can be found on Tayyar el 3aouni website, why? 7zeeeeer ;)

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