Monday, March 20, 2006

Flight of Ideas

Hey all!
Since this is my first post, I will start by introduce my Blog:

Flight of ideas:

A nearly continuous flow of accelerated speech with abrupt changes from one topic to another, usually based on understandable associations, distracting stimuli, or playing on words. When severe, however, this may lead to disorganized and incoherent speech. Flight of ideas is characteristic of manic episodes, but it may occur also in organic mental disorders, schizophrenia, other psychoses, and, rarely, acute reactions to stress.
Source: Edgerton, Jane E. 1994. American Psychiatric Glossary, 7th Edition. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Press

So maybe you are going to ask yourself, why on the earth he picked up such wired name? well the answer is simple, I m interested in Psychiatry ,I hope I will start the residency in Psychiatry in USA in the near future , meanwhile I live in Amsterdam , the Netherlands. I’m doing MSc, Master of Science in Neuroscience.
Maybe my next post will be on my future plans and why I’m doing this master here!!

Some other things, I m interested also in psychoanalysis which I tried to understand working in a psychoanalysis group in Damascus, Syria.
Until now sounds really intellectual , well I like also wasting time doing nothing , smoking Nargile and unfortunately I don’t like Tarnib neither Trex.
More things, I like to travel, so I will post some photos from my previous trips.

Finally my English sucks , I tried to write In Arabic but it take me a lot of time because I don’t have a Arabic keyboard here , so you will have to get impressed (as my teacher does) by my academic writing skills !!!

I forget to mention that I like politics , but since is my first post and as you know I still have this default natural suspicion of anything surrounds you when you want to speak in politics ; ) , I will choose a less touchy subject , Religion!!!!

Yeah, I know what do you think, but it s not Christianity neither Islam or Jewish.
I picked up a Religion that no one around me is practicing it, so I think it’s a safe choice by the moment!!!
I will speak about the Taoism. For further information please, (3azeb 7alak) and read the next post, if you haven’t got anything more interesting to do !!

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